The Kid LAROI, Miley Cyrus - WITHOUT YOU (With Miley Cyrus - Official Video) 

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Official video for "WITHOUT YOU (with Miley Cyrus)" by The Kid LAROI & Miley Cyrus.
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Directed by Miley Cyrus.
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29-Apr, 2021



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Maria Mella
Maria Mella 6 daqiqa oldin
she killed this made it 100x better
vilcea gabriela
vilcea gabriela 12 daqiqa oldin
This sounds like a Hannah Montana song, if you don’t understand the lyrics
Jahnavi Sharma
Jahnavi Sharma 14 daqiqa oldin
"Can't make a wife out of a hoe". Anyone else get what it felt like to be Miley Hemsworth feels?
Elle Dee
Elle Dee 30 daqiqa oldin
Nice collab.
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Soat oldin
Miley Cyrus welcome to SPORE Finance family 😃 🍄 #SPORE$
Hussain Almutawaa
Please Miley talk about dogecoin 🙏🏻🥲 Who agree?
Like the drip laroi🔥
shane Soat oldin
Miley ruined the whole song
Bitchrealy Heyyy
Bitchrealy Heyyy 2 soat oldin
Bro she’s 28 and he’s 17 😮
Yoooyooo yo
Yoooyooo yo 2 soat oldin
Ok so I love miley cyrus but the parts she is singing in the song is my favorite parts he sings with the version of only him. Am I the only one who feels that way?
Tom Sharman
Tom Sharman 2 soat oldin
Finish it off. So there I go,
EL CHAPO 2 soat oldin
She has always had a thing for Australians boys.
William Sawyer
William Sawyer 2 soat oldin
Miley Virus. She has more piercings than Pin Head. Like a joint at a Grateful Dead concert, they keep passing her around.
Snakeater 3 soat oldin
I'm not even a Miley fan and she just killed it. Respect.
Arthur Marmori
Arthur Marmori 3 soat oldin
Taliah Reynolds
Taliah Reynolds 3 soat oldin
Ironic Miley singing the lyrics 'can't make a wife out of a hoe' 😂😂😂 bet her ex husband finds this comical too!
3 na
3 na 3 soat oldin
I love you so much🖤🖤
Lalu alviansyah Wahyu anugrah
They are have a amazing voice damn
Curtis Witt
Curtis Witt 3 soat oldin
mfs had a $50 budget for this music video
Hannah Safron
Hannah Safron 4 soat oldin
He’s. A cheater he wrote that song for is ex
Marcelo de Mello Pereira
Nenhum BR viu o Poladoful nesse clipe! Kkkk
Alen Ferguson
Alen Ferguson 4 soat oldin
She needs to move to this type of music and do some stuff with Yung blud and mgk she could reinvent herself as one of them IM LIVING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!
Adrienne Tomsic
Adrienne Tomsic 4 soat oldin
This is the kind of music her voice is made for. She's never looked or sounded better.
Oswa 5 soat oldin
I'm shocked at the views
Richard Schoonover
Richard Schoonover 5 soat oldin
I'm very impressed by her and him what they do in their personal lives is just that . People need not to worry about what people do or dont do just enjoy the music.
plxnetmood badthehood
Industry at its finest
Noah The Drummer
Noah The Drummer 6 soat oldin
If Laroi is 17 and Miley 28 and doing this THEN I AM THE CEO OF TESLA
Istanller Maia
Istanller Maia 6 soat oldin
Joshua Green
Joshua Green 6 soat oldin
this song is way better without her
Cecilia Salcedo
Cecilia Salcedo 6 soat oldin
She's literally a queen.
D. Marlene Segura
D. Marlene Segura 6 soat oldin
cant take this song off my head
chimpanmeme 6 soat oldin
Why they so close? 😳
muchamad aji
muchamad aji 6 soat oldin
spore finance 2 the MOON 😍😍
Ethan Munroe
Ethan Munroe 6 soat oldin
Juice would be so proud of laroi rn
LQ TY 7 soat oldin
Odhara Melo
Odhara Melo 7 soat oldin
LazySloth 7 soat oldin
The Kid Laroi is blind now?
Alexis Tornes
Alexis Tornes 7 soat oldin
This song is a bery ugly🤢🤢🤢
Yeri Arteaga Seas
Yeri Arteaga Seas 7 soat oldin
Muy bueno
Trevor Dawson
Trevor Dawson 7 soat oldin
people who disliked this i am with you. very horrible ..soo soo terrible. , so terrible i had to go out and scream,i had to get my 177 Caliber BB Gun and shoot a bird.
Cansu Kabayeğit
Cansu Kabayeğit 7 soat oldin
Has anyone noticed Miley's Kurt Cobain sweater ? ❤️🖤
Allen Whitt
Allen Whitt 7 soat oldin
Miley is a BOSS!!!
Bcrbes 7 soat oldin
Miley legend
Ana Maria Maria
Ana Maria Maria 7 soat oldin
just coment to hit 20k comments
Jonathan 7 soat oldin
imagine if the roles were reversed, and it was a 28-year-old guy with a 17-year-old girl. kinda weird ngl.
Brittany Ferguson
Brittany Ferguson 7 soat oldin
Love this!! Beautiful voices.
Brooke_ Soccer
Brooke_ Soccer 8 soat oldin
no hate but this version sucks
Annabelle Hudson
Annabelle Hudson 8 soat oldin
I feel bad to think they look SO good but they have such a big age difference
Jes Jacobs
Jes Jacobs 8 soat oldin
I've been following and loving you since you've started. My first concert was you with jonas brothers, and couldn't wait until you branched out from Disney and became YOURSELF. It's been an HONOR watching you grow up and become who you are today.
LQ TY 8 soat oldin
Txiø Adrian
Txiø Adrian 8 soat oldin
to the voices of the two combining so well that they will try to release an album or an EP together I am sure that it would be a definite success, Miley Cyrus respect for you and The Kid Laroi I am very proud of you continue like this and give priority to the legacy of Juice a as you write your own story 😁😁😊
BlackIce 671
BlackIce 671 8 soat oldin
The vocals omg This collab is genius
Marion Fiedler Music
lovin the vibe
gladys saenz
gladys saenz 8 soat oldin
Comments on UZblock are so positive but comments on social media about this song are so true.
Boobson 8 soat oldin
It's so fucking good...
XD Vortex
XD Vortex 8 soat oldin
Aryan Chokshi
Aryan Chokshi 8 soat oldin
Cant wait for the album brooooo... pls release it sooon!!!
Erin Joseph
Erin Joseph 8 soat oldin
This video makes me uncomfy...no 28 year old should be cuddling up against a 17 year old like that. Idk.
Meriç Ş.A.
Meriç Ş.A. 8 soat oldin
Senin gibisi bir daha gelmeyecek. Seni tanıdığım için çok şanslıyım.
Meriç Ş.A.
Meriç Ş.A. 9 soat oldin
I LOVE your voice.
glennfabian 9 soat oldin
I love Miley!
Luana Vallejos
Luana Vallejos 9 soat oldin
Wasn't she sober???
Nargess 9 soat oldin
The most versatile singer ever
Loreley 10 soat oldin
Imagine the girl he wrote the song about watching him singing that with Miley Cyrus
Jazmin Acosta
Jazmin Acosta 10 soat oldin
All I know is hannah because my kids watched... n now I'm watching!!! I know this song is supposed to be about lovers but all I think and feel with this song is the pain of losing my mom at 14.... I'm now 40... I'm definitely in love! Keep on Rocking!!! Your voice is amazing❤
scary_but_beautiful _girl
I'm sorry but I just prefer the original version more than this
Manuel Gross
Manuel Gross 10 soat oldin
Cyrus ruined the song completly.
sheralyn Johnston
sheralyn Johnston 10 soat oldin
Brice DEV
Brice DEV 10 soat oldin
Can’t listen that song without miley. She is the best.
Gavyn Bell
Gavyn Bell 11 soat oldin
Isn't the kid Laroi under 18 and Miley is like 30 and act like they are dating🤮
zLoveMylfhunter 187
zLoveMylfhunter 187 11 soat oldin
lola lr
lola lr 11 soat oldin
Always Miley she's my queen my idol I just really love her ...no matter what I will always stand by Miley 💯❣️💕
Fugi 11 soat oldin
this video is a whole charge lol
Mery Gomez Burgos
Mery Gomez Burgos 11 soat oldin
I'm soooo in LOVE with this amazing and brilliant masterpiece. OMG, it's a fucking work of art. Their voices are from heaven, the lyrics are so powerful, her beauty is 🔥🔥🔥 and the video is absolutely amazing and perfect. Congratulations ♥️
Surabhi Singh
Surabhi Singh 11 soat oldin
I love You Miley💓 this 🎵🎶🎵💓
Wendo Salim
Wendo Salim 11 soat oldin
The yuuuuuuuuuu"" gives me peace 😭♥️
Julie S
Julie S 12 soat oldin
Процитирую Джима Керри: "Б Е А У Т И Ф У Л !"
TX BOI 12 soat oldin
Why does this sound so much better than the version posted on Kid Laroi's page?
Jayeooh 12 soat oldin
Best duos ever ❤️❤️
Jasmine Marie
Jasmine Marie 12 soat oldin
MK ultra programing, the handled becomes the handler. 🤮
raghu nandan
raghu nandan 12 soat oldin
Cheenie, this song reminds me of you
Matthew Seeker
Matthew Seeker 12 soat oldin
They look like brother sister
Chips 12 soat oldin
Honestly Miley Cyrus needs to do a solo cover of this song.
Sebastian P
Sebastian P 13 soat oldin
Why is he wearing shades the entire time tho?
Crystal Hanzelka
Crystal Hanzelka 13 soat oldin
THIS IS FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nathan Goerner
Nathan Goerner 13 soat oldin
The MID laroi
Stephenie Domingo
Stephenie Domingo 13 soat oldin
He is wearing pearl, WOW interesting. LOVE the fashion statement
Jesse Klopfenstein
Jesse Klopfenstein 13 soat oldin
Music is music much respect
silentnight22Z 13 soat oldin
I liked when their voices go together
Noemi Jonssonová
Noemi Jonssonová 13 soat oldin
Why so much autotune though?
Nav_Q8 14 soat oldin
Leave the kid alone he deserve better
Dinsangi Chhakchhuak
Dinsangi Chhakchhuak 14 soat oldin
My heartache😭
Ryder Bubnick
Ryder Bubnick 14 soat oldin
I thought they were dating she is 28 and he 17
UKgod 14 soat oldin
He's 17 and has a colab with Miley Cyrus, I'm 17 and playing Valorant lmao
Sarah Hoerl
Sarah Hoerl 15 soat oldin
The Original is the best not this i am sorry just my opinion 🤷‍♀️
hanglam 15 soat oldin
absolutely in love
Regalto 15 soat oldin
Feels like two siblings vibing
Hassan Arim
Hassan Arim 15 soat oldin
Fun fact: Your reading the comments..
Dian Noor Hayati
Dian Noor Hayati 16 soat oldin
In this clip Miley look like that pool guy from Stranger Things